Rodent Control and Removal

Rodents invade your home to get the comfort of food and shelter. These pesky pests are more than a source of annoyance. They can damage your property and pose threat to the health of your loved ones. Therefore, you need an effective rodents removal service to help you in getting rid of these dangerous pests.

How to get Rodent control?

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What rodents can do inside your home?

They can damage electrical wiring

Rodents like rats and mice are known to chew on wires and cables. This habit can cause fires through short circuit in your property.

They can damage valuable household items

Rodents can move everywhere inside your house. They can chew and bite not just clothes but valuable household items like gadgets and appliances to cause great damage to your property.

They can tear apart insulation and eat drywall

Rodents cause great inconvenience by chewing on drywall and insulation. This can lead to higher energy bills

They can die anywhere creating foul odor

Rats and mice produce unbearable odor from their dead bodies. They also leave droppings when they are alive.

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Types of rodents

There are more than 2000 species of rodents under the Order Rodentia. These species are further divided into families and subfamilies. Out of all the rodents, only three types are considered pests in the country. This is because they are found near homes and they survive on food and water found inside homes. These are as follows.

House mouse
Norway rat
Roof rat

You need high quality pest protection to get rid of rodents

Rodents, once they find their way inside your home can be a big nuisance for your family. They can make colonies and multiply quickly through breeding. You need a specialist to help you in getting rid of pesky rodents from your house. We have the resources and the experience to carry out rodents removal exercise in your home.

All about rodents

Rats and mice are annoying pests that can transmit many diseases to human beings. Their droppings, hair, and urine become the carriers of these diseases. A mouse creates 40-100 droppings every day. Excrements of rats and mice are known to induce asthma like symptoms in some human beings. These rodents also damage food items as it becomes contaminated after meeting these rodents.

Rodent identification

Any successful rodents removal program depends upon the correct identification of the type of rodents infesting a home. We have a team of experts knowing all about rodents and their eating and breeding habits and behaviors. It becomes easier to execute an effective rodents removal exercise once their identification has been done properly.

Rodent facts

  • Rats and mice can not only contaminate food items but also damage the property
  • They can transmit deadly diseases among human beings through their dropping, hair, and urine
  • Rodents live in colonies and female rat reproduces every three weeks, giving birth to 6-12 young ones every time
  • Rats can adapt to different types of food items
  • They are more active after sunset and before sunrise

Rodents behavior

Rodents are social pests that live in colonies. They are food scavengers and adapt to whatever food is available to them. They can multiply very quickly when they get favorable conditions of food and water. Rats and mice are difficult to control because they become active when human beings are asleep.

Rodent control

It is time to call in experts when your home is infested with rodents. We have tons of experience in getting rid of rodents. We have experts having complete knowledge about their types, behavior and breeding habits.

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