Fly Control and Removal

Flies, more commonly referred to as houseflies, are two winged insects that are found everywhere in the country. They are annoying not just because of the buzzing sound they create when flying but also because they are carriers of many kinds of diseases. You need services of a competent pest control company if your house is infested with flies and you are desirous of flies removal.

How to get Flies control?

What flies can do in your home?

They are annoying and disgusting

Flies are usually associated with filth and disgust. They are therefore regarded as highly annoying pests.

Flies can spread diseases

They are also carriers of potentially serious ailments. They can sit on food items and infect them. Certain fly varieties also bite human beings. Flies can spread diseases easily and quickly because they can sit on food items after sitting over garbage. Some of the common ailments spread by flies are diarrhoea, food poisoning, and bloodstream infections.

Female fly can lay lots of eggs

Female fly mates a male fly only once but they lay 350-900 eggs in their lifetimes.

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Types of flies

There are nearly 16000 species of flies found in North America. All of them are classified under the order Diptera which means two wings. Some of the most common types of flies found in homes in the country are as follows.

Blow fly
Bottle fly
Drain fly
House fly
Fruit fly
Humpbacked fly

You need strong pest protection service

Once your house becomes infested with flies, it becomes difficult to control and remove them. You need to hire services of an experienced pest control company to achieve the goal of flies removal. Certified Pest Removal is the most popular and reliable flies removal service that knows everything about flies and their breeding behavior.

All about flies

FliesFlies are two winged insects that are found very commonly in homes around the country. As they have only two wings, flies need to land frequently and every time they do so, they deposit thousands of bacteria on the surface through their legs. Flies can come inside through open windows. They are also attracted to fruits. When flies feed on garbage, they collect pathogens. They later deposit these pathogens on food items or surfaces where they land.

Flies identification

The success of any flies removal program is hugely dependent upon the correct identification of the type of flies infesting the home of the client. At Certified Pest Removal, we have fly experts who know everything about fly species, their eating and mating behaviors, and ways to exterminate them.

Fly facts

Different flies have different life spans. Flies can live from 8 days to a few months. A pair of flies can produce up to a million of offspring in a matter of just a few weeks. Some fly species can bite human beings and attack animals to get food. All flies are capable of transferring different types of diseases. Any flies removal program requires studying their feeding and breeding habits to discern more about their species.

Fly behavior

Flies create a buzzing sound when flying because their wings beat together. Egg of a fly becomes an adult in just 6 days. A female fly lays eggs 5-6 times in her life. In every round, she lays eggs in batches of 100. Eggs can hatch in only 12-24 hours depending upon weather conditions.

Flies control

Certified Pest Removal can help you in flies control if your house is infested with these irritating pests. Our experts can design and implement an effective flies removal program after studying the eating and breeding habits of fly species in the house of the client.

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