Cockroach Control and Removal

Cockroaches are very common pests that are found inside homes of many people. These nocturnal creatures remain hidden from your view during daytime but roam freely in search of their food in the home they have infested. Being nocturnal, it becomes late by the time you see these dreaded creatures moving around your home. You need help from an experienced pest control company for cockroaches removal from your home.

How to get Cockroach Control?

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What cockroaches can do in your home?

One cockroach can produce 120-300 eggs in its lifetime

Imagine the number of cockroaches roaming inside your home even if they are just a few in the beginning. For every cockroach that you spot in your home, there could be more than 100 more hiding at different places.

They are carriers of bacteria

Cockroaches carry bacteria like salmonella and E. coli from one food source to another. Eating such contaminated food can lead to serious health problems.

Cockroaches are tough pests

Cockroaches can live without food or water for 15-60 days, making them one of the toughest common pests.

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Types of cockroaches

There are many different types of cockroaches found inside homes around the country. These include

American cockroaches
Asian cockroaches
Australian cockroaches
Brown banded cockroaches
Cuban cockroaches
Florida cockroaches
German cockroaches
Oriental cockroaches
Surinam cockroaches
Wood cockroaches

You need skilled and experienced pest control service to get rid of cockroaches

As mentioned earlier, roaches are very tough nocturnal creatures. They are very difficult to control and exterminate. You need our reliable and experienced pest control services for cockroaches removal from your home. We know everything about their behaviour, habits, and lifecycle to implement a perfect cockroaches removal program at your home. We charge nothing if cockroaches come back in your home.

All about cockroaches

CockroachesCockroaches are the most common pests that are found everywhere form homes and restaurants to bathrooms and even ships and trains. They can find their way to electric lines and water pipes and thus easily move from one home to another. Most species of cockroaches find their way inside a home through sewer lines and drainpipes. They love to live inside wood and usually hide inside cabinets and cardboard boxes.

Cockroach identification

The success of any cockroaches removal program is dependent upon the correct identification of the type of cockroaches infesting a home. At Certified Pest Removal, we have a team of experienced pest control specialists having full knowledge about all the species of cockroaches found in United States. We know everything about their behavior and breeding habits and thus able to implement an effective cockroaches removal program.

Cockroach facts

  • Cockroaches are older than even dinosaurs. They have lived on earth for the last 280 million years.
  • Cockroach can survive underwater for 15 minutes
  • Cockroaches can easily survive extreme weather conditions
  • American cockroach can live up to 4 years. It is the fastest insect with speed of around 9 km per hour.
  • Cockroach can live without its head for 15 days.

Cockroach behavior

Cockroaches love to live on wood though they gain entry into a home through sewer lines and drainpipes. They feel attracted to toothpaste that is why they are often found inside bathrooms. If you see 1-2 cockroaches moving in your home, it is a clear indication that there are hundreds of cockroaches more living in your home.

Cockroach control

We know everything about cockroaches and hence you can rely on our ability to get rid of cockroaches form your home.

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