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Millipedes Control Gresham OR

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You will usually find millipedes crawling through wet or damp areas outside. They like habitats near rotten wood, cut grass, mulch, and litter. Millipedes need to keep their bodies moist, so they hide on sunny days and prefer to explore at night. Look closely at your outdoor gardens, flower beds, and lawns – millipedes love to dig there for delicacies like rotten wood and organic matter. However, if their preferred habitats become dry or sparse, these sticky insects begin to venture indoors.

They may first congregate around your porch or patio to search for dark, damp spots in the woods and loot for food. Beware of exposed crawl spaces – millipedes can pass through vents and crevices to an area near wet or humid wood.

Typically, homeowners find millipedes indoors during the fall and winter due to the drier and cooler temperatures. These hardy insects enter garage doors or windows, waiting for your exterior homes to regain wet homeostasis.

Once they find an entrance to your home, millipedes chew on rotten wood, plant matter, and trash. If you start to see droppings or molten skin on the ground, you may have a millipede infestation on your hands. If you try to eliminate one of these thin parasites, it can give off an unpleasant odor as a defense mechanism, and this foul-smelling liquid can irritate the skin and burn the eyes.

Certified Pest Removal’s Solution:

We offer eco-friendly solutions to eliminate any millipede problem in or around your home. A pest control professional on our team will expertly assess entry points, inspect your property for damage, and develop an effective treatment plan for your family. Contact us today for complete pest control and millipede extermination.

Millipede FAQs:

1. Why do I have so many millipedes in my house?

Excess rain, drought, and cooler temperatures can make their outdoor habitats less favorable for them and you will often see millipedes in the house during these conditions.

2. Where do millipedes enter the house?

When they come to a home, millipedes gather on porches and patios. They climb the foundation of the home and they often find entryways such as: Basement doors and windows

3. What are millipedes a sign of?

If you’re seeing millipedes in your home, it means that the conditions outside have driven them in. This might be extended drought conditions that have made it too dry outside.

4. What is the lifespan of a millipede?

There’s no clear consensus of millipede lifespans in the wild, but those kept in captivity can live up to 10 years.

5. Do millipedes come back every year?

Millipede invasions have long been a problem for many homeowners. Although these invasions seem more likely to occur in the spring and after heavy rains, they have been reported in every month of the calendar year.

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