Flea Control and Removal

Fleas are small wingless creatures about 2.5 mm in size. They are a very common type of pest found inside homes around the country. The main reason of fleas’ infestation in a home is a pet dog or a cat. Fleas use their furs as a carrier and then live indoors either inside furs or in the places where the pet sleeps. It can be difficult to make a home free from fleas if it has a pet dog or cat. You need a fleas removal specialist to get rid of flea infestation in your home.

How to get Fleas control?

What fleas can do in your home?

They need blood meal

Fleas need a host for blood meal to survive inside a home. If the pet is not around, they attack human beings.

Fleas can create many problems

Flea bite can cause itchy marks and swelling. They can also lead to allergies in human beings. Fleas can be a big nuisance for not just pets but also human beings living in a home.

Flea related illnesses have increased considerably in recent times

Illnesses caused by flea bites have multiplied many times in the last few years in United States. Therefore, fleas removal becomes important for all homeowners.

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Types of fleas

Out of these types, it is the cat flea that is most common type of flea found in North America. Although called cat flea, it can infest not just cats but also dogs, human beings, and even wild animals. Sand fleas are mostly found on the tropical beaches.

Cat flea
Dog flea
Human flea
Oriental rat flea
Sand flea

You need strong pest protection for fleas control

Cat flea feeds on its host and then mates and gives eggs. Eggs and larvae often fall from the bodies of pets and spread to other places in the home such as beds, furniture items, and rugs. We have complete knowledge of different species of fleas and their food and mating habits. Therefore, we are able to provide very effective fleas control services to our clients.

All about fleas

FleasFleas are small insects with shiny, brown colour body. They are wingless but they can jump around here and there. They have compressed bodies to easily move around inside the fur of their host. Their infestation is very difficult to prevent if you have a pet at home. Fleas live inside the furs of pets and suck on its blood. When the pet dies or is removed from home, these fleas start to bite human beings and spread many kinds of diseases.

Fleas identification

Even though cat fleas are the most common type of fleas found inside homes in the country, it is important for the fleas removal service to identify fleas in your house correctly. We have experts who have full knowledge about flea species and their behaviors and habits.

Flea facts

Fleas are very small insects that come inside a home on the bodies of pets. They continue to live in its furs and places where the pet sleeps. They can hop around as they do not have wings. They mate and lay eggs on the body of their host.

Fleas behavior

Fleas are parasites that survive by sucking the blood of their hosts. Their larvae eat the droppings of adult fleas. They prefer furry animals as they can easily hide inside their furs. Fleas cannot fly as they do not have wings.

Fleas control

We carry out very effective fleas control program in the premises of our clients. We inspect the hosts and kill the larvae and eggs of fleas in their hideouts.

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