Ant Control and Removal

Do you hate to see annoying ants roaming inside your home freely? Ants are pesky pests that are attracted by the smell of food source in your house. Word spreads around the ant colony about your home having favorable conditions like food source, shelter, moisture. Soon you find a tiny army of ants barging in. If you are hesitant to make use of pesticide inside your kitchen because of fear of contamination of food that is prepared there for the loved ones, we will shut down these irritating pets before they march inside your home.

How to get ant control?

What Ants Can Do in Your Home?

They can make path for more ants to follow in

Ants leave a trail of hormone called pheromone that makes it easy for other ants outside your house to follow and come inside. This means once a few ants find their way inside your home, it is a sure shot invitation to an army of ants.

They can make many satellite colonies

Ants are known to make several colonies inside a home. This means you cannot be sure of having got rid of these pests after destroying one colony.

Queen ant lays loads of eggs every day

How many ants can you kill physically? You will be surprised to know that queen ant lays nearly 800 eggs in a single day.

Long life span

Queen ant lives for around 30 years while worker ants live for 1-3 years. This means you have to face millions of these pesky pests once they find a way inside your home.

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Types of Ants

More than 700 species of ants are found inside United Stated. Here are the common types of ants found inside the homes of our clients.

Ant Exterminator
Acrobat ants
Ant Killer
Carpenter ants
 Ant Killers
Fire ants
Ant removers
Pharaoh ants
Ant Exterminate
Pavement ants
Ant Control
Field ants
Ant control
Asian needle ants

You need strong pest protection service

Pests never miss an opportunity to walk in to your home. Whenever they get favorable conditions like temperature, moisture, food source, etc, they march inside and make colonies to create a big mess in your home. At Certified Pest Removal, we know everything about ants’ behavior, habits, and life cycle to work out a permanent and effective solution for ants. We provide an ongoing solution which means that we charge nothing if you find ants inside your home.

All About Ants

Ants have become a very annoying problem for homeowners in recent times. These pests are very difficult to get rid of. It requires knowledge of their behavior and great skills to control and exterminate these pesky pests.

Ant indentification

The success of ant control and their removal is dependent upon their correct identification. We have full knowledge of 700 species of ants found inside the United States. We can know the type of ants infesting your home by looking at their sizes, body, behavior, and habits. Once we have identified the species, it becomes easier to devise and execute the plan for ant control.

Ant facts

• Ants can see but they rely upon information they get form their legs and antennae
• Ants break apart things with their mandibles before eating them
• Male ants mate queen ant who lays thousands of eggs
• Ants leave behind chemicals as they leave their nest to find their way back home
• Ants have a great sense of community and they work together inside a colony.

Ant behavior

Ants are social pests that live in colonies and communicate with each other. In a colony, there are different types or castes of ants with specified role and duty. Worker ants find food, construct nest, and look after young ants. Queen ant mates and lays eggs. Male ants live for a few months while queen ant lives for decades. Ants remain active all round the year but during severe winter, they go into a state of dormancy.

Ant control

Ant control and removal is difficult. It requires their identification and then following them to their colony that needs to be destroyed. At Certified Pest Removal, we have we have highly experienced professional having the skills and the tools to kill ants inside your home.

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