Tick Control and Removal

Ticks are biting pests that survive on the blood of their hosts. They feed on the blood of animals though they can also bit human beings. Ticks come inside a home attached to the body of a cat or dog. If you feel your home is infested with ticks, it is time you went for a ticks removal program. These ticks can create health problems for the pets inside your home.

How to get Tick control?

What ticks can do in your home?

They wait patiently for the host

Ticks can survive without a host for days, even weeks. Once they find the host, they attach to its body and such its blood.

Ticks can survive extreme weather conditions

Ticks have the ability to survive temperatures of up to -32 degrees.

They are carriers of harmful diseases

Ticks can transfer harmful diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to their hosts.

Ticks find hosts in many ways

Ticks can find their hosts in multiple ways. They can sense the odor, heat, breath, vibrations, and moisture of the host to attach to it.

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Types of ticks

There are many types of ticks found inside the country. Some of the most common types of ticks are as follows.

American dog tick
Black legged tick
Brown dog tick
Lone star tick
Soft tick

You need strong tick protection service

Having a home infested with ticks can be a big problem for any homeowner. Your pets can be irritated with their bites and they can also develop health problems because of these bites. Ticks can even bit your loved ones to spread diseases. You need highly skilled and experienced pest control service to eradicate ticks form your house. We have the knowledge and the experience to complete ticks removal from your house.

All about ticks

Ticks are pests that feed on the blood of their hosts. As such, they live near their hosts. As biting pests, they suck the blood of the pet in your home and then fall off from its body as its objective is fulfilled. This blood meal is necessary for ticks at every stage of their life cycle. Female ticks make use of the protein to nourish itself and get ready to lay eggs. She gives thousands of eggs but only very few of these eggs are able to survive to become adult ticks.

Ticks identification

As there are many types of ticks found in the country, it is extremely important that correct identification of ticks in your home is carried out. We have pest control experts having complete knowledge about all types of ticks found in the country. Once identification has been done, the company implements an effective ticks removal plan for the client.

Ticks facts

  • Ticks are closer to spiders and scorpions than insects
  • Ticks have no wings and they attach themselves to the body of a pet by jumping
  • Ticks can live anywhere from 3 months to 3 years depending upon their species
  • Ticks need a blood meal to feed themselves, but they can keep waiting for a host for not just days but weeks at stretch

Ticks behavior

Ticks are always on the lookout for a host. They have many ways to sense the presence of a host such as breath of the host, his body heat, body odor, and his movement. Once a tick finds the body of the host, it rests without being noticed. Ticks can be squished to death with fingers, but it is not recommended as they are often carriers of diseases.

Tick control

If your home is infested by ticks, it is important to call in experts for their control and removal. Certified Pest Removal is the leading pest control company that provides highly effective ticks removal service to its clients.

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