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Certified Pest Removal

The solution to your home and business pest problems.

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Certified Pest Removal prides itself on being an effective, hassle free Pest Control Service. We understand that everyone has their own specific concerns regarding their unique pest situation.

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Ben WoodBen Wood
Certified Pest Removal

One of the better pest management companies I have worked with. They are very hands on and do well with preventative measures.

Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer GarciaJennifer Garcia
Certified Pest Removal

Great professional service. The staff is communicative and will take the time to educate on preventative measures.

Los Angeles, CA

Michael WrightMichael Wright
Certified Pest Removal

So much better than any other company I’ve worked with. Amazing team, very friendly and knowledgeable. As long as you’re willing to pay for a good job, a good job is what you will get!

Los Angeles, CA

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Pests won’t Last

You don’t want the pests to take over your home.

Our pest control specialist, with their customized plans based on your specific situation, will help you eradicate pests from your home and put up preventive actions that will keep pest out of your household.

Our certified experts will inspect your home initially and then come up with a proposed plan to eliminate pests.

They will also help clean up and make things neat, exactly the way you like it.

These specialists are fully trained and equipped with pest elimination knowledge and can tackle any type of pests residing in your house. Through a systematic house inspection, they will target to disrupt pests’ life so that they may not reside at home permanently.

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