Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs from Your HomeBed bugs are annoying pests that can make life hell for the homeowner and his family members. They are clever hitchhikers and get inside the home of the host by travelling on bedding, furniture, clothing, luggage, and boxes. These pests know how to evade human beings and they remain hidden by using very small cracks and crevices in furniture items. Once inside, they survive by sucking the blood of the family members during their sleep. Today, bed bugs have become a serious problem for home and hotel owners across entire North America. If you know how to avoid bed bugs, you will never allow entry to these pesky pests in your home.

How to avoid bed bugs?

Bed bugs, once they find their way into your home, can be very difficult to control. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid encountering them when you are outside. You should avoid these annoying pests when coming back to your home from outside as they can hop to your clothing form a place infested with bed bugs. You also need to protect your home if you want to avoid the problem of bed bugs. It is your best bet to keep your home from being infested by bed bugs. These creatures are very resilient, and they can prove to be very difficult in controlling or exterminating. Thus, it is better for you and your loved ones if you know how to avoid bed bugs.

Protecting Your Home from bed bugs

Is it possible to make your home impregnable at least for bed bugs? Well, many experts believe that by taking some precautions, it is possible to avoid bed bugs that can make your life hell once they find their way into the home. These pests are very clever in hiding but if you know the places and areas of your home where they can sneak up to, it becomes easy to do something to protect your home form bed bugs.

Do you know bed bugs can go inside the holes of a power outlet and stay there when you are trying to catch them and exterminate them? Well, now that you know, it is prudent to buy covers for power outlets in your home that are not used commonly.

Clothing is the best item for bed bugs, and they find it very comfortable to remain inside the layers of clothing items in the cabinet or box where you store them. If you make use of vacuum sealed bags to store your clothing items, these pesky pests would have no chance of going inside the bag and living inside your items of clothing.

Learn about the signs of bug bits and educate all your family members about it. Usually people get bitten by bugs, but they believe that the red marks on their skin are because of mosquitoes and not bugs. If you can identify the signs of bed bug bites, you can take steps early to get rid of these pests.

Avoiding Contaminated Materials

Many homeowners are attracted to second-hand furniture items and even mattresses as they are available at very low prices. Make sure you closely inspect these items as they can be contaminated and infested with bed bugs. Once you bring these materials inside your home, you will not be able to control the infestation of bed bugs as they will happily suck on the blood of your family members and breed happily. You will be surprised that even used electronics items can be a source of bed bugs in your home. These electronic gadgets and appliances have minor crevices that allow bed bugs to get inside and life there for a long time before hitchhiking into your home.


What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Many people believe that bed bugs are caused by filth and they are surprised to see bed bugs in their home when they make best efforts to keep it clean. Bed bugs can live in any environment which is proved by the fact they are found very commonly in hotels where cleanliness is maintained. The main cause of bed bugs is lack of awareness about them.

How do you stop bedbugs from biting you?

Bed bugs can sense your presence on the bad from your movements and heat generated by your body. To stop them from biting, you need to cover your mattress in a casing. You can also wash your bedding in hot water to kill all bed bugs living inside it.

What smells do bed bugs hate?

Lavender smell is one smell that is hated by bed bugs the most. If you have a home infested with bed bugs, you can still sleep peacefully without being bitten by them if you apply lavender perfume and talcum powder on your body.

How do bed bugs start in your home?

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. They can gain entry inside your home through used furniture items and through your own clothing after a visit to a park or any other infested area. They get off quietly and hide in a place near your bed and become active at night when you go to sleep.

Do bed bugs come out every night?

Bed bugs do not need to come out of hiding every night as they such enough quantities of blood with every bite to sustain for a few days. It is very difficult to fool these creatures by waking up all night on the bed. If they cannot bite during nighttime, they can bite you during daytime when you are least expecting them.

Having a bed bugs infested home can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Even though their bites are not a serious health problem, these bugs can be very irritating and give red marks and swelling to your family members. Certified Pest Removal is the most trusted name in the field of pest removal. Call 833-568-5389 or email at to know how we can help you in getting rid of these pesky pests to give you total peace of mind.