How to Control Pests in Your Home?Pests are small but very annoying unwanted guests that crawl, run, or fly inside your home and start to cause many problems for you. Pests enter a home in search of food, warmth, and shelter and they infest a home when they find favorable conditions inside. Pests can be scary, and most carry a big nuisance value. Pests are carriers of many diseases and they can cause many health problems for the members of your family. They can also damage your property and contaminate the food items that remain exposed. Thankfully there are ways in which you can control pests in your home.

How do you control household pests?

As mentioned earlier, pests enter a home when they find favorable conditions inside to eat and breed. If they get food to survive and place to hide and breed, their numbers increase rapidly. To control pests in your home, you can cut their supply line and make sure they do not have any incentives to come inside the home. For example, pests like ants, rats, cockroaches; fly etc cannot survive without food. If you make sure these pests do not get to exposed food items, they will never be tempted to come inside your home. Pests also need water to survive and grow in numbers. You can deny them a chance to survive by making sure they do not get access to standing water. There are many more ways to control pests in your home that we will discuss later in this article.

Try pest prevention first

Many homeowners are scared upon finding that their home has been infested by pests. They rush to contact a pest control specialist and utilize its service to exterminate and to control pests in their home. Of course, you have no option but to hire the services of a professional when the situation has grown out of your hands as pests can pose a danger to the health of your loved ones. They can also destroy household items to cause huge monetary losses. However, resorting to professional pest control techniques can be a costly proposition for any homeowner. It is prudent to nip the evil in the bud by adopting simple and easy pest control methods. Just as you close the door to prevent a stranger form walking in, you can seal all cracks and holes to deny any opening to pests to get inside your home. Pests will not get favorable conditions to hide and breed inside your home if there are no dark and damp places inside your home. You can try many more pest control methods to keep away these beasts outside your home.

Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control

Pest control is a tricky exercise because different pests have different eating and breeding habits. It is important to identify the type of pest infesting your home correctly before deciding on the right method of their control. Here are some of the important do’s and don’ts of pest control.

  • Try preventive methods before going for pest control
  • Make use of safe pesticides to minimize damage to environment and loved ones
  • Dispose leftover pesticide and their packets in a safe manner
  • Don’t use more than necessary quantities of pesticide thinking it will get rid of pests quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep bugs and rodents away?

Bugs and rodents can be pesky pests that come inside your home in search of food and shelter. If you want to control these pests, you need to deny them entry by sealing all holes and cracks through which they can come inside. You can also put peppermint liquid on cotton balls and place them on the entry points of these pests. They hate the smell of peppermint and so they will stay outside your home. Finally, it is the smell of exposed food items that draws rodents to your home. Keep food items inside containers and throw away the trash outside your home.

How can I keep my home pest free?

You need to be alert about the presence of pests in your home. Carry out frequent inspections, particularly at the end and beginning of a new season. Make sure there are no cracks and holes to allow pests easy entry inside your home. Trim branches of trees hanging over your house as some pests some inside from windows from these branches. Keep the home clean and throw out trash every day. Do not leave food items exposed as their smell attracts pests. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean do not allow standing water to accumulate inside your home.

How do you control pests in the kitchen?

Cockroaches, ants, and mice come inside your kitchen in search of food. If your kitchen is dry, pests will not come inside as thirsty pests always rush to get some water as they will otherwise die. Make sure food items are kept inside airtight containers and leftover food is not left in the open. Clean your kitchen once every month to keep it free from pests.

Does vinegar keep bugs away?

Vinegar is a good substance in controlling pests in your home. Ants and bugs despise its smell and stay away from places where it is kept. Vinegar also helps in destroying the scent trail that helps bugs in navigating inside your home.

What smells do insects hate?

There are many household items that you can use to control pests in your home. Bugs, ants, and insects hate the smells of following substances that you can use inside your home to keep them away.

  • Neem oil
  • Lavender
  • Garlic oil
  • Peppermint
  • Citronella
  • Lemongrass
  • Basil

If you are a homeowner, it is important for you to remain aware about the presence of pests in your home. Prevention is better than control. This means you can stop favorable conditions for pests in your home to keep them away from the home. There are many ways in which you can control pests in your home. Deny them entry and food so that they stay outside. Certified Pest Removal is the leading pest control company that keeps your home free form pests. Call 833-568-5389 or email at to book an appointment today.