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Several specialist companies have control of both residential and industrial pests. Many of these businesses use insecticides to get the job done while others provide comprehensive programs for pest control. Such businesses typically use a standardized approach to remove the nuisance-causing requirements, which may include inspection, identification, deterrent, and prevention. Tackling an infestation is usually easier if it is detected in its initial stage. It also helps to prevent major expenditures to save partial or complete losses. At first, the degree of infestation is measured using scientifically validated surveillance systems. Before that, it senses and takes note of areas with high pest activity. When that’s done, the experts set up baits and traps to contain the infestation and fully eradicate the insect population.

Antelope, Oregon

Antelope is a small town located in Wasco County, Oregon, US. It has a population estimated at 47 people (as of 2012) and is incorporated as a city. The town was incorporated in 1901, though it had been founded earlier. The City of Antelope was originally a stopover on the Old Dalles to Canyon City Trail for the stage and freight wagon route. In 1863 Howard Maupin came to Antelope to run a horse ranch, becoming the caretaker of the stage station built-in 1864 by Henry Wheeler. Maupin began raising cattle to provide meat for travelers. In 1870, Nathan Wallace, who is often credited with being the first postmaster of Antelope, bought the stage station Antelope from Maupin. Records suggest that the group was considered founded in 1872.

In the early 1980s, Rajneesh movement leaders marched into and eventually took over the city government by outnumbering the original residents with new voter registrations. A vote was held on 18 September 1984 and the town was renamed “Rajneesh”. By 1985, after several members of the Rajneesh movement were found to be engaging in illegal activity (including a mass food poisoning attack and an attempted plot to assassinate a U.S. attorney), their guru left the country as part of a peaceful resolution of federal immigration fraud charges, and the Rajneesh commune dissolved. The city voted to name itself back to Antelope on 6 November 1985.

Antelope, in north-central Oregon’s Wasco County, lies along Oregon Route 218 just north of its junction with Oregon Route 293. The town is 34 miles (55 km) northeast of Madras by highway, and 143 miles (230 km) east of Portland. Antelope Creek flows from Antelope, in the basin of the Deschutes River. The town is at an altitude of 809 m (2.654 feet) above sea level. The city has a total area of 0.48 square miles (1.24 km2) according to the United States Census Bureau, all of it land.

As of the 2010 census, 46 people were residing in the city, 28 households, and 10 families. The density of the population was 96 residents per square mile (37.1 per square km2). At an average density of 90 per square mile (34.7 / km2), there were 43 housing units. The city’s ethnic makeup was 91.3% White (42 persons), 2.2% Native American (1 person), 2.2% Asian (1 person), and 4.3% of two or even more races (2 persons).

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